Children’s Nightclothes

Childrens Nightclothes

Many TQRTM clients currently supply Children’s Nightclothes for sale in Australia. In order to do so they are required to comply with the regulations described in AS/NZS 1249 – Children’s nightwear and limited daywear having reduced fire hazard.

In addition to the completion of flame spread and surface burn testing on submitted fabric and/or garments, TQRTM has assisted many of our clients in the interpretation and understanding of AS/NZS 1249. This has included the provision of educational workshops in our laboratory or at our client’s workplace to discuss matters such as correct categorization of garments, the testing required on individual styles as well as labeling requirements.

 Please contact us to discuss how we could assist in ensuring your product is compliant with Australian regulations for sale as Children’s Nightwear.