Garment & Fabric

Garment and Fabric


Shrinkage, Pilling, Stretching, Tearing, Fading, Staining – These are just some of a long list of problems that can occur with fabric or finished garments as a result of quality issues arising in the textile manufacturing process.

With the pressure on to source less expensive goods from around the globe, yet somehow continue to satisfy the demands of today’s quality conscious consumer, implementation of an effective Quality Control Program would appear paramount to business success in such a challenging environment.

At TQRTM, we encourage our clients to view us as an integral part of their Quality Control Program, to ensure their product meets the required specification and performs in a manner acceptable to all stakeholders .This is achieved not only through testing of product where requested, at various stages of production, but also via provision of expert technical advice regarding test results in relation to improving any property found to be problematic and requiring improvement. 

We currently offer an extensive range of test procedures for fabrics and finished garments at competitive rates and pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround time to assist in preventing any unwanted delay in the production cycle.

 To discover how TQRTM can assist with your garment and fabric testing requirements please contact us.